*Nutrigenomics is a scientific approach that studies the relationship between genetics, nutrition and health. It allows us to understand how our genes can affect the way our bodies respond to the nutrients we consume and how this might impact our health. Nutrigenomix™ is an innovative genetic test that allows dietitians to personalize nutrition advice, based on your genetic coding for vitamin C, folate, omega-3 fats, saturated fat, sodium, fibre, caffeine and  gluten. Nutrigenomix™ is backed up by 10 years of evidence-based research. Visit www.nutrigenomix.com for more information.


Nutrigenomix (includes 30 minute initial consult + 30 minute follow up)

  • 7-gene test - $350
  • 7-gene test + gluten - $460
  • Gluten test alone - $350
  • 45-gene test (including gluten) - $460 (special introductory price)

To make any Nutrigenomix initial or follow up session longer, add $30 per 15 mins