I am not a weight loss coach; the world could do with less of those! I am a HAES® dietitian. I understand that weight is neither good nor bad; it doesn't define our health or our worth. My approach is weight neutral and although your weight might change when working with me, it will not be our focus. I will help you get off the diet cycle and become a more Intuitive Eater. Together, we will break down some of your food beliefs to help you enjoy food again, rather than fear it. 

I can also help you:

  • Manage your chronic disease (ie diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer) so you can still eat the foods you love while optimizing your health

  • Manage your gastrointestinal complaints (ie Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic constipation, heartburn/reflux)

  • Choose nutritious foods when you have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions

  • Learn how to feed your baby or picky eater


I believe that one of the keys to good health is a balanced lifestyle and nutrition, food and physical activity are an important part of that. My goal is to help you find that balance in a way that works best for you.




Registered Dietitian fees are not covered by OHIP. Coverage is available through some extended health benefit programs. Receipts are provided.

Initial consultation (1 hour) - $150

Follow-up visit (30 minutes) - $75; (45 minutes) - $112 ; and (1 hour) - $150

Cost for online services are the same as for in-person sessions

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